Ethical Policy Page

With the brands and designer we stock we envision bringing Indian craftsmanship to the forefront of global retail, and are committed to delivering an extraordinary fashion experience. As a pioneer in fashion industry, our philosophy is culmination of sustainability, good aesthetics, eclectic styling, great client servicing and hosting “occasion wear” — a must in a country that is always celebrating!

Hand crafted:

The art and craft of India is the biggest inspiration for our selections and we believe in the artisans hard work by showcasing the authentic handicraft products. Our focus is always to protect the community that lives around and works for us. We strive hard to reduce our carbon footprints and try to protect the environment through our thoughtful practices.

Quality is our priority:

All our products are made with utmost care and pass a quality check through the global standards and hence we guarantee 100% authenticity. All products are made by the best and heritage old craftsmen who ensure the highest quality of each product that is being produced. Hence we strongly promote and recommend the reuse and recycling of garments and other materials.