About Us

‘Story of India’ curated the finest in Indian fashion and represents the pinnacle of modern luxury and service. Founded by Sapna Patel, ‘Story of India’ has become a leading fashion destination in Ahmedabad. We envision bringing Indian craftsmanship to the forefront of global retail, and are committed to delivering an extraordinary fashion experience. Our boutiques carry the latest creations by India’s most prominent and acclaimed brands including – Pero, Eka, Tokree, Shorsee, Lajjoo C, Kaveri, Urvashi Kaur, Ulupi, Love Birds, Cord, Plavate, etc. As a pioneer in fashion industry, our philosophy is culmination of good aesthetics, eclectic styling, great client servicing and hosting “occasion wear” — a must in a country that is always celebrating!
Founder and fashion enthusiast, Sapna Patel belongs to a reputed business family of Ahmedabad. Her love for fashion, sustainable craftsmanship and luxury in everyday living, gave birth to Story of India. She has dedicated and outsourced herself to provide a platform for curators from all over India and understands the individuality of every designer. She aims to deliver a luxurious fashion experience with a wide choice of labels and designers from all across the country and has developed ‘Story of India’ as the city’s most fashionable address for individuals who are keen to designer wear.
Story of India is the brand name and legal name is Anay Business Centre