SUSTAIN YOUR STYLE – How to revamp your closet without throwing anything away!

SUSTAIN YOUR STYLE – How to revamp your closet without throwing anything away!


Ready to switch things up with your current collection of clothing? If your clothes don’t have any holes or tears in them, hang onto them for now. There are a lot of fun ways to add a new hint of style to your existing clothes or accessories without spending a dime! Here are a few tips on how to re-organize your closet without throwing anything away.



No one likes to clean the closet, but to improve your situation, you need to know what you actually have in your wardrobe. We tend to wear some outfits more than others and therefore they float on the top of the dresser. Take inventory of what you have, what still fits, what’s still stylish and what you forgot about!!



It’s time to break the rules! One of the great benefits of simply taking clothing inventory is that it allows you to see what you own, try some new pairings. Have a mini fashion show and try some new combinations. Maybe the short you wore club hopping could also work for brunch if you pair it jeans or a pastel overlay. How would your silk floral blouse look with woolen trouser pants? Regardless, the idea is to get creative. Chances are you’ll discover some great outfits you never knew you had!!



Having a friend is great for second opinions, but it can definitely help in other ways too. Both of you can keep each other motivated. Try swapping out old clothes – she might have something that she’s never worn and fits you too! A clothing swap is always a great bonding experience and trying things on with a friend is always a blast!



Old stand by pieces feel a little drab? Chanel your inner crafty side – a splash of color can enliven a tired outfit. Most craft stores carry an array of different fabric paints and dyes. Dying old shirts or pants can help it look new by adding a new color. Also, make a list of things that might need repair work and add those to your to-do list. Create a pile for anything that still looks good but might be a different size than what you’re wearing. Get them altered and you can add those items back in with your go-to staples.


Finally, donate anything that you don’t want to charity!